Released: July 13th 2018 | RBN073LP

John Maus' second album Love Is Real is an apocalyptic journey through the nostalgic streets of our home towns deep into the recesses of the human heart. It is a map of self discovery, rejection and escapism captured across 14 songs of melancholic baroque pop music. Similar in style to his 2006 debut Songs, the album is a mixture of exploratory synthesiser theatrics, tensely-strung bass lines and insistent drum machine clicks and pops, all set off by John's deeply resonant reverb-drenched vocal. Love Is Real is a more reflective and realised effort than Songs however, focusing its attentions on impulsive song writing and inspired musicianship, replacing the reminiscent feel of the first record with genuine poignancy.

Heavyweight 180 gram vinyl in a single LP jacket

Includes download card

  1. Side A
  2. 01 Heaven Is Real
  3. 02 Do Your Best
  4. 03 Rights For Gays
  5. 04 Love Letters From Hell
  6. 05 The Silent Chorus
  7. 06 Navy Seals
  8. 07 Pure Rockets
  9. SIDE B
  10. 01 My Whole World's Coming Apart
  11. 02 Don't Worship The Devil
  12. 03 Tenebrae
  13. 04 Too Much Money
  14. 05 Green Bouzard
  15. 06 Old Town
  16. 07 Times Is Weird